Play By Ear Online Piano Course

Are you one of those music lovers who aspire to play the piano but do not want to go through the long process to get there?  Or do you think it is impossible to play the piano by ear without talents or prior music background?  

We have a unique and fast method that can help you fulfill your dream of becoming a pianist for your own enjoyment and also for entertaining others including your family and friends, without relying on sheet music!

Note: This is no gimmick!

This method is easy to understand and follow, and has proven to work by over a thousand of students from this play by ear piano course which has been around since 2006!   Click the links below to find out more!

Why Us?

We Teach Improvisation Like No Other!

Yes, there are many similar courses out there, but they pale in comparison with us.  Here are what made us stand out:

Unique Method that is Easy to Follow

  • Other piano courses use letter names and letter chords.  We use a combination of sofa names (do-re-mi-fa-so) for the right hand (mostly melody) and numeric chords (1-2-3-4-5) for the left hand (mostly accompaniment).  We believe we are the only place that teaches this unique system that helps students achieve faster learning progress, memory and hearing enhancement, and chord analysis ability.

Freedom to Express Your Music on the Piano

  • Learn to play your favorite tunes by ear in no time, without depending on sheet music.
  • Start with popular music rather than complex classical compositions; get more excitement and stimulation because it is much easier to learn how to play and you see fast results.
  • Flexibility of playing solo or accompanying other singers and instrumentalists in any key.
  • We teach you chord analysis so you can start composing music!

Save time and money, at the comfort of your own home

  • One-time fee; no ongoing and escalating tuition fees to pay
  • No time wasted in learning musical notations, no mechanical and boring drills.  Save 80% practice time as compared to traditional piano learning.
  • No time wasted in trying to memorize a music piece.  After this course, you will remember any music you have played before for years, just because this course teaches you the make-up of the music, so it will just come naturally to you.

Legitimate Training by Experienced Piano Instructors

  • Curriculum is well-thought-out and complete, no holding back.
  • Qualified piano instructors with experience and passion.
  • Course completion certificate is available for a small fee.
  • Beware of copycatters out there!  We do not guarantee the same results and we hold no responsibility if you go with other individuals or organizations that claim to have association with us or our method/system.  We are a single organization with no affiliation with others.  We operate our video course via this website: and our in-person classes are held at the Hong Kong Cultural Center. 

Course Curriculum and Objectives

  • Course curriculum includes three main categories: 1) Aural training; 2) Practical skills; and 3) Chord theory.
  • Course objectives include: 1) Play the first song (two hands) with no sheet music after 10 hours of practice; 2) Progress to play dozens of songs within half a year; and 3) Learn at own pace without relying on others.

As Simple As 1, 2, 3, and Do, Re, Mi !

  • This video course is for everyone, especially those music lovers who dream of playing the piano but do not want to go through the long process to get there!
  • Start from the basic, no prior music/piano knowledge is necessary!
  • Learn to play the piano by ear in four lessons and apply to thousands of songs, no exaggerations!

Problems/Misunderstanding with Piano Learning and Our Solutions

Some Common Problems/Misunderstanding with Piano Learning:

  • It takes talents to play the piano.
  • Sheet music is essential for piano playing.
  • It is impossible to play the piano by ear without talents or prior music background.
  • Too old to start learning how to play the piano or resume playing: stiff fingers, bad eye-hand and two-hand coordination, poor memory, etc.
  • No time to take lessons or practise and it takes too long to get good at it.
  • Need to have 1-on-1 in-person training.

  • Our Solutions:

    Takes Talents to play the piano?

    Having talents always help, but what you really need is a good system like ours that can help unearth your inborn ability to pick up melody, chords, beats, etc. from music (called aural endowment).

    Sheet Music is a Must?

    Music is an aural art, while sheet music is just musical notations.  Our system has already proven to many students of our play by ear piano class that sheet music is not necessary in order to play the piano.

    Play by Ear is Impossible?

    Once again, our unique system with easy-to-follow sofa names and numeric chords proves it is entirely possible to play the piano by ear without any talents or prior music background.  With the chord analysis training, students can even start composing music!

    Too Old?  Stiff Fingers and Poor Memory, etc.? 

    No worries!  We start out with popular but simple tunes rather than complex classical compositions which always have rigid rules including dexterity.  And it is never too late to start learning anything!  Our students could tell you that the only regret they have was not taking this course earlier in order to benefit from it sooner!  The joy and satisfactions our students received from the fast results of being able to play favorite tunes without sheet music are reflected in their testimonials.  In addition, this course helps enhance the memory (brain function), ear training, and coordination of eyes and hands of our students, all are healthy exercises for anyone, especially for the elderly.  

    Too Busy?   Takes Too Long to Get Good at It?

    Obviously, you cannot see good results without persistent practice on the piano.  The beauty of this video course is, the teaching is so well-structured and stimulating, and the result is so fast that there are plenty of incentives for you to want to go back to the piano to try things out!

    Need Private Lessons?

    Additional 1-on-1 in-person training may be beneficial, but you actually get more from this video course because you can keep watching the video (any part or its entirety) until you nail it.  The lectures are well-thought-out and easily understood, and the overhead shots covering discussions of techniques and complete song/music performances are extremely helpful!

    What You Will Gain from This Class, Plus Extra Benefits/Opportunities

    What You Will Gain from This Class:

  • Have a good understanding of the makeup/mechanics of the music, rather than just reading and playing the music notes written or printed on paper.
  • Play your favorite tunes anytime without sheet music.
  • Perform solo with little or no preparation.
  • Retain memory of previously played songs/music for years to come.
  • Compose or improvise music.

    Extra Benefits / Opportunities:


    • Express your feelings musically at the piano.
    • Set yourself free from the blind adherence to sheets.
    • Enjoy making music with creativity and new levels of musicianship.


    • Jam with the other musicians.
    • Serve as a pianist at an event or a venue (e.g., a church).
    • Accompany other musical instrument players or singers in any key.
    • Impress and entertain others (family, friends, even unacquainted) with popular songs they are familiar with.



    • Work as a musician playing “Live by Request” in a bar or hotel.
    • Serve as a pianist at an event or a venue (e.g., a church).
    • Accompany other singers and instrumentalists in any key.