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Do you want to be a musician who have:

Exceptional Ability

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... Or just a good sight-reader?

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The are many similar courses out there. It's interesting that they teach in different approaches. If you are like me who already have bought some other similar courses, don't worry. Ours is different:

You may wonder why we choose to teach this way. This approach is supported by strong rationale, proven to work, and we are certain that this approach is the best way to develop musicianship.  You'll find lots of success stories in the testimonials page. Many of them were skeptical at first too.

Proven Success

Many students come to us and ask questions such as:

We take pride in having helped hundreds of students start to enjoy making music in the past years. They include retirees, beginners and those who gave up playing piano for years. If you're like one of them, simply ask yourself:

Why wait if you can start enjoying making music today?

Which Musical Instrument For Me?

1. Easy to learn
There's no doubt that piano is the easiest to handle musical instrument. Violin players use both hands to play just the melody but piano players play both the melody and accompaniment. The most difficult part in learning piano is reading the sheet music, not the finger movement. It's a pity that so many learners quit because of the misconception that "sheet music is a must"

2. Versatile
You're not just playing the piano. By hooking up a midi keyboard with a computer, you can make music with any musical instrument.

The Myth of Sheet Music

Is sheet music part of music? Absolutely NOT!

Music is an aural art. Sheet music is just musical notations. Music score dates back to hundreds of years ago before electricity was invented. People then had no choice but rely on sheet music.

Suppose there're two pianists in your neighbourhood. The first one is excellent at sight-reading. He plays any sheet music at first sight without practice. But he can never play by ear. The second pianist seems to come from another world. He can never read sheet music but he can play ANY song he likes without sheets.

Let me ask you. Which pianist would you like to become?

In the era when Youtube is handy, why rely on sheet music any more?

The REAL Joy of Piano Playing

A student of mine once commented, "I was just a score-reading machine."

If you have been playing piano the traditional way for years, playing by ear without the bounds of sheet music will bring your enjoyment to the next level.

Not only that, playing the piano will become creative. You'll be adding goodies while you play.

Don't let procrastination stop you from enjoying making music. Many students who had asked the above questions now turned into piano enthusiasts.