Students' Testimonials

A Goal Most People Aspire Yet Feel Unattainable!

submitted by Tennessee Gock 郭煥兒  US resident

Forgot how I got hold of the promotional video for the play by ear Piano Workshop. All I remember is how much I was in awe of the logical presentation in this video. The presenter (whom I later learned to be Mr. Chan, aka Chan Sir) clarified a number of common misunderstandings of piano playing and revealed the most appealing elements of this play by ear piano course: 1) match up chords with our favorite melodies, on our own without the use of music sheets; 2) improve our ear (hearing) and memory; and 3) achieve much faster results than traditional classical piano learning. I was so impressed and convinced that I decided to give this course a try during my vacation in Hong Kong this summer.

My daughter who started her classical piano training since the age of 4, received the highest level (level 10) of classical piano certification at the age of 17. This Certificate of Merit was awarded by the Music Teachers’ Association of California (USA), vs. the 8-level system of the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (UK). As for me, I am just a beginner. I took some piano lessons long time ago but have not touched the piano since I switched to play the guitar. It is quite obvious that at this stage I am not going to invest 10+ years to resume piano learning.

This play by ear piano course in Hong Kong rekindled my interest in piano! Knowing how to play the piano by ear without music sheets is a goal most people aspire yet feel unattainable! This course promises students the ability to create on our own the accompaniment chord patterns along our favorite melodies. Although this course offers only 4 in-person training classes (a total of 8 hours), with the very well-thought-out course materials which include written notes and 40+ video clips, plus the guidance of an experienced piano instructor, this course provides a rare opportunity for those music/piano-lovers who want to see the biggest and fastest output with the least amount of time and efforts.

But I soon realize that without seeing the music notes on the music sheets, matching fingers of both hands with the right timing is far more difficult than I thought! :P My sense of rhythm/tempo has always been weak, and it reveals on my guitar playing as well. I was feeling a bit of pressure and frustration at the beginning, but after a fair amount of practice on the piano, I was delighted to see good progress, and it gave me a sense of fulfillment! This course helps improve my tempo and hearing. I feel very thankful to be given this godsend opportunity! Of course this is just a good start. In order to grasp the technique of matching the melody with the most fitting chords, plus to improve the piano playing skill, “practise hard” is the only key to success! I am confident that I will become a better piano player playing music that I love, but that’s on condition that I continue to study and practise hard after this impromptu piano course. I will take advantage of the additional resources that the Organization offers, which I hope will help expand my learning with advanced technique of adding introduction, bridge, and ending to the music, also many more songs to practise in order to firm up my skills of applying matching chords to the melodies.

I take this opportunity to give a big thumbs-up and to say "thank you!" to Chan Sir and the rest of the staff at the Pop Piano Hong Kong Organization. Wishing you all good health and much success!

Have Never Thought Learning Piano Could Be This Fun!

submitted by JEFF CHU

Have never thought learning piano could be this fun!

Fed up with the mundane practice, I gave up after 2 years learning Classical and left my piano dusted over the past few years. Lucky that I came across this course by chance. Banking on the feedback from the graduates, I made the choice to enrol in the course and pick up piano again (with a little doubt though). And now I can say quite confidently that i have made the right decision!

The course is indeed very practical by taking a step by step approach. Not something miracle but very structured. The teaching of Derek in class is fun and useful. The videos also help A LOT as you can keep revisiting until you get over your weakest link. Practice is still a must of course but it has become a much more pleasant thing to do than before.

Highly recommended for those still having a passion with piano and looking for a chance to pick this up again!

Already Applying The Accompaniment Styles To Other Songs

submitted by Flordelis D. Baguio  US resident

Sir, you are a super duper musician. Your piano method is awesome. It's simple, yet concise & comprehensive. I' m starting to work on Fur Elise coz it's more familiar to me. I'm a complete stranger to Finding You & Marriage D Amour. It's my first time hearing them. I'm already applying the accompaniment styles to the other songs I know. It works & I'm glad. I'm beginning to do keyboard improvisation, still slow & takes time it's fun doing your own way. I like your numeric progressions. I can easily visualize the "chord runs" by the number than by chord names. I have a visual memory of the intervals. The "So fa" sheet is so helpful in memorization. It really makes you use your ears more than your eyes . Keep up the good work. Thank you for creating such a wonderful method. I'm aiming for the Canon in D for the next.

I Regret That I Didn't Start Early

submitted by Avy Goh

I'm from Singapore and I know no such course there. So I want to have a try before returning to Singapore.
At first, I felt really uneasy as I'm totally new, and I had many doubts.

Is it possible to play without music score?
I know some people, having learnt for more then 10 years, still rely on it.

In 4 lessons, how fast can we go?!
If I don't understand, will I dare to ask?

Unexpectedly, after the second lesson, I could play a few sentences with my left hand playing root without reading the score, after the third lesson, I started trying out the advanced techniques Mr Chan taught.

Unbelievably, I can play both hands for a few sentences without score.

Mr Chan taught us many useful techniques interactively. We feel comfortable to ask him questions and he always answer them directly without hesitation.

If you ask me, do I regret taking up the lesson?! Yes i did, i regret that I didn't start early.
So, what are you waiting for?

I Can Feel His Passion

submitted by ALAN

After taking the course, I found it's worth to take though it's a bit expensive. Being an absolute beginner like me without any musical foundations, Derek introduced me the quick startup guide to learn on our own and shared us how fun it is. I can feel his passion. Frankly speaking, it's not easy to get a success within four lessons, but the in-class individual guidance absolutely helpful. There is no magic and you need to spend time practicing it. I know it's still a long way to go but I trust practice makes perfect. Thanks so much for Derek's guidance.

Definitely Recommend This Course For Players Who...

submitted by Elaine  UK resident

The course was very fun and enjoyable. Derek is very professional and detailed in his explanations. I would highly recommend this course because not only that it will improve our listening skills, it has made piano playing a lot more interesting and fun compared to the traditional method.

I have taken traditional piano lessons before and it takes absolutely ages to progress and perfect a song which I find boring and demotivating.
I can now play songs with less time and get satisfaction from it with less practice. Definitely recommend this course for players who want to play a variation of songs and don't like taking piano exams.

A Very Amazing Accompaniment Method Indeed

submitted by Clara Shiu

I learned the basic accompaniment styles with chords in 4 lessons.

It's a very amazing accompaniment method with chords indeed. After practicing varies styles, you can play songs beautifully. Now I mastered both-hands coordination. Although I play quite slowly and unsmoothly, I get the satisfaction!

I enjoy playing the piano. So I determined to keep on practicing every day. I hope I can do better in the future.

Thank you Derek Chan.

My Progress In Traditional Lessons Was Extremely Slow

submitted by Mika

After the first lesson, I could already mastered hands coordination. I wasn't playing smoothly, but I'm already very satisfied!

Even though you missed the chance of learning piano in childhood, don't despair! If you make your first move and persevere, you have a chance to succeed.

Playing the piano is enjoyable. I've taken traditional lessons before but my progress was extremely slow. Building foundations took too much practice.

Playing by ear is much easier to master. I wish I can play more songs for my family and friends later.

Thanks Derek.

It's Very Magical. I Was Skeptical Too...

submitted by Fanny

The course is very magical, very suitable for adults. At first, I was skeptical too. Now, I discovered that it's easier than traditional piano. In only four lessons, I learned piano skills quickly. It enables me to play my favorite songs in a short period of time.

Thanks, Mr Chan.

A Brand New Experience On Piano Playing

submitted by MANDY

To a certain extent, this short program provides me with a new experience on playing piano. Not just to perform a song in a traditional way (i.e. only rely on sheets), but to explore a new method to further enhance my piano technique, especially on the listening part.

With experienced tutor - Derek's guidance and encouragement, I've gained more insight on piano performance. I really enjoy this course.

It Greatly Saves My Time And I Feel Satisfied With This Result

submitted by Clarissa

I've just got Grade 3 in piano. Originally, I need to spend at least one month or even several months to practice a pop song. After attending this pop piano workshop, it takes less than a week to practice one. It greatly saves my time and I feel satisfied with this result.

Actually, It is an intensive course as it teaches us a lot of skills within 8 hours. Honestly, I still cannot utilize all those skills in short term, especially for those advanced level skills. Fortunately, the videos can refresh my memory continuously, so I can still upgrade my technique through practicing. After some time, I believe I can apply the advanced level skills to play wonderful modern music.

It's Very Well-planned In A Very Concise And Easy To Understand Manner

submitted by CLARA NG  Singapore resident

I think this is the perfect piano course for Adults to learn how to play the piano. The course structure is very well-planned in a very concise and easy to understand manner. Derek is very clear in his presentation. I am totally won over by the way this piano course is conducted.

This course enables us to learn the core techniques of playing piano, in being able to play a piece of music very quickly, along with many syles and variations needed. Most importantly, it teaches us not to rely on the traditional score sheets which we are so used to.

I learned so much useful skills from Derek and team in such short period of time than my 3 years of typical piano lessons with a private teacher. This course truely teaches us how to make music!

It Gives Me Relief After Hard Work

submitted by Catherine Kwong

I like to play piano since I was a little kid. Like any other girls at school, I started with a traditional way to learn all the master pieces, and every year simply taking piano exam to show some development and achievement. After a while, I felt a bit lost and not knowing what I was doing. Practicing the exam pieces day and night had worn out my interest in music. I even thought that I maybe lack of musical talent, so I did no good.

After graduated I gave up piano lessons and concentrated on work and family. In balancing the daily hard work, I wonder what would give me a relief. I like to sing and if I have time I would like to play piano. Then I browse through different websites and found POPPiano. In all the testimonials from previous students, they found there's a structured way to play piano and it's very easy to play along with your intuition. It sounds really wonderful. So here I came.

Thank you Derek. He is a really patient teacher, taking good care of all students even they didn't learn music before. He gives guidance in a gentle way and let us know how it goes while you hear the music. The lesson is really as simple as "do re mi fa so la ti", but you will know to play the music even without looking at the musical notes. On the other hand, it enhances your strength in listening and by noticing the intervals in between to create your own piece of work. But of course, you have to practice. Now that the secret formula is given to you, it is YOU to make it happen.

Now, I feel more comfortable playing piano. I learnt the way to play "like a genius", whether it is a LONG or SHORT way. I know I am the one in control. Thanks to Derek and POPPiano for developing a way to let people enjoy playing music, which is a marvelous experience!

I Live In US So I Can Only Buy Video Course To Learn

submitted by Jayson  US resident

I live in US so i can only buy video course to learn. This video course really can teach you how to make your own chord on the songs that you like. Also, the teaching is wonderful, easy to understand the concept on each chord. The most difficult part for me is the listening part, but i believe i can improve it after i hear more songs. Overall this is a good piano course to learn. Highly recommended, thank you Mr Chan for the teaching.

It Makes Me More Eager To Practice

submitted by Peter Chan

Dear Chan Sir,

Please accept my congratulation for your wonderful course which is very useful to us in enhancing our understanding and appreciation of music.

I can speak for those people who have stopped formal piano study for a long time but still remember a little bit of major scales, minor scales, appegios and broken chords during their childhood.

Your course is very good because

(1) It is designed for people with different musical experience. The course starts from the C major and chord introduction; How to find the suitable chord for your melodies etc.. The numerical chords are very useful. It is better than the alphabetical notation C, Cm, Dm etc.

(2) The numeric notation is particularly helpful when we try to choose our chords in music other than C major.

(3) After your course, I go back and read through some of the piano scores with chords. I now understand why the songwriter chooses a particular chord. Now I can UNDERSTAND the music. This can be applied to classical music scores that I have used in my childhood. This makes reading music and practicing more enjoyable.

(4) Being able to play the melody (play by ear) with your right hand and choosing the chord with your left hand makes piano playing any time easier. It helps you to analyze a music score (modern or classical piece) and makes it easier to remember the score.

(5) Consequently, it makes me more eager to practice.

(6) I agree with Chan Sir's aim for all of the students: to play your favorite tune WITHOUT THE EXPENSIVE MUSIC SCORE. I think with practice one can really do it.

Thanks and best wishes

Peter Chan

It Opened Up My Renduermo

submitted by Martin Chan

I believe most adults learn piano because they want to play their favorite songs instead of taking exams. But the problem is, they need to spend a lot of time learning to read complicated sheets before they can play a song. It takes too much time to learn this way. Since I learned to play by ear, I'm surprised that I can learn a new song in short time. Though not yet up to performance standard, at least I can entertain myself. With more practice, it's not hard to be able to perform!The largest benefit I've got is: it elevated my interest. Goodbye to boring sheet-reading and sheet-finding.

submitted by Lawrence Ling

I have been playing digital keyboard for a few years and start playing piano for fun through Youtube. This is a good course and I truly believe this course can teach student to play by ears...but practice is still the key to success. If anyone wish to play pop songs, simple piano, this is a good course. But practice, practice, practice and like to the most important!

I Dare Say That You Can Play Your Favourite Pop Songs In...

submitted by Jesmund

It's my dream to learn playing piano since childhood, but it was unaffordable in my young days. When I knew this course from the internet, I immediately took the course without hesitation.

The core theory is easy to learn, and I dare say that you can play your favourite pop songs in a couple of weeks, providing that you have the passion to practise. I really enjoy playing piano now. Thanks, Derek!

I Will Definately Buy Your New Courses

submitted by Edward

I took piano lessons with my son some years ago. I felt bored and lost confidence because my progress was very slow. Then I came across improvisation in the web. I live overseas, so I took the download version of Workshop.

I attained grade 3. Although I had basic knowledge in piano, I mainly use sheets. It was a pity for me for neglecting on aural training and chord usage.

What I like most in this course is the simple way to play pop songs. Together with chord variations, I can play songs beautifully in a short period. I have high sense of satisfaction. The songs I most are: "Forever Pretty" and "Unchained Melody".

Adults, especially, should take this course and improve their aural skill through piano playing. They should also train their brain with both hands coordiation.
I will continue to take Seminar and Group. Thank you!

I'm So Excited To Be Able To Play The Piano Again

submitted by Amy Leung

Although I have gained grade 5 in classical guitar, I always dream that I can play the piano again since I dropped piano at grade 1 when I was young. I am so excited to be able to play the piano again soon after watching the workshop DVDs that I ordered from the poppiano website. I can even apply what I learnt from the video course to play some simple hymns that I like.

I am looking forward to receiving the other 14 lessons on the pop piano skills that I have just ordered from the website, so I can continue to enjoy playing the piano with improved skills.

Been Dreamt Of "playing My First Song With Both Hands"

submitted by Monie

I grew up in a poor family and I was forced to quit after learning for a short time. I didn't have time to realize my childhood dreams thereafter.

Recently, I watched many piano recitals on Youtube, then I enrolled. On completion of the course, using the instructor's simple method, I practiced every day... Now, I can really play my favorite songs with both hands. I'm so glad to have really realized my dream.

Besides, my friend have 3 kids. It would be too costly to pay for all their piano tuitions. So I suggest to them: if they want to play piano in a relaxed and free manner, without much pressure, they could take this course with the DVD (for revision). They can then enjoy piano playing together and save cost.

My Aural Endowment Helps

submitted by Jacqueline

Only after taking the course did I discover that it's my good aural ability which enabled me to play by ear when I was young...but the right hand part only...haha
I can really play by ear now, great!

Thanks to Mr Chan's guidance! Thanks you. But, you need to practice after that. He already showed you the short-cut. Whether you'll succeed depends on yourself.

I Was Very Skeptical About Improvisation

submitted by Martin Chan

I already attained grade 5 in piano. In the past, I needed to sheets. I needed to practice for 30 minutes before I could barely play. After some time without practice, I would forget entirely.

When I first came across this course, I was skeptical about improvisation. I believe that every knows, to be able to perform a short as 2 minutes, you need some time to practice.

After taking this lesson, with improvisation, you only need to play the melody with your right hand and the chords with your left hand, and you'll be able to play the songs you know. If you have a good piano background, you can actually play any song people name!!

I Was Desparate About Finding A Sheet Music, Until...

submitted by Amy

I like music since childhood. I joined school choir in primary and secondary school. So I'm familiar with tunes. As a grown-up, I often sing karaoke with my friends. I thought, I will be able to accompany myself if I can play a musical instument.

I tried to look for the sheet of "Blurred As A Dream" several time but I still couldn't find it. Recently, I found this website. I was delighted and I enrolled.

After taking the course, I undertand sheets are not a neccesity. Practice makes perfect. I believe, with deligence and memory, we can play good songs very soon.

submitted by Angel

It's a very useful course for those who doesn't have strong music background. I learned piano 20 years ago and thought it would take me 3 months to practise a pop song but this course teaches me the skills and techniques that enable me to pick it up fairly easily. And most importantly, my interest in piano comes back, I am now feeling like I would love to play a song (and enjoy) rather than "forced" to play one and take exams.

Piano Playing Is Enjoyable

submitted by kelly

After watching the DVD, I discovered that I knew how to play by ear since I was young, though the melody (right hand) only. I used to play my favorite tunes on my little electric keyboard and write down note names.

After grown up, I thought I need to meet certain standards in whatever I do.
For example, I need to attain grades in order to prove that I've learn piano. Afterwards, I bought different sheets and tried to perfect my sight-reading.

After watching piano workshop DVDs, I discovered piano playing is not like typing on the computer keyboard. It's unlimited creativity.

Thanks Mr Chan for having inspired me. Piano playing is enjoyable. Improvisation lets me rediscover the joy of music dated back to my childhood. It also brings my skills to a higher level, and enjoy piano playing to the fullest. Thank you.

You Made My Dream Come True

submitted by Wah

I have purchased Workshop course and I have spent about 1.5 months to complete the workshop.

I feel really grateful to your teaching though I didn't attend your class. You made my dream come true. I couldn't believe I can play piano with both hands before.

submitted by Edward Cheng

I really appreciate the workshop course.

It's nice to play with chords and the course emphasized "play by ear" that it is very essential training to be a true musician.

I'm an adult student learning piano for a few years (very slow progress) but have never been taught this way.

Your course is more suitable for me. It makes playing piano more enjoyable.

I've Never Had This Sense Of Satisfaction

submitted by cheapbombom

Last month, I came across a demo footage of Yanzi's "Meet". The footage, lasted about 4 minutes, was teaching harmonisation. After watching for ten times, I tried it on the piano.

I practiced for about 30 minutes. Surprisingly, I could play as well as him. I bounced with joy. Their easy piano lesson really worked...

I attained grade 3 ten years ago. Then I stopped playing piano. These years, I thought of picking it again from time to time. But I quit again in less in 3 months because sight-reading is too difficult for me.

I can tell you: playing "Meet" gave me unprecedented satisfation. For one thing, I didn't need the sheet. For the other, the harmonisation was great. My husband encouraged me to enrol...

I took the course with my best friend. We both have stopped playing piano for 10 years but our enthusiam hasn't died. We always wanted to pick it up again.
She introduced me to this course.

Simply put, this couse is terrific! Having stopped playing for 10 years, I couldn't play the simpliest songs. In lesson 1, I learned many harmonisation and chord progression principles. I also learned to harmonise Danny Chan's "Few-minutes Dating".

Having practised for 30 minutes at home, I could already play the whole song. My hasband praised me. I'm so happy to be able to play by ear.

I also tried "He Invited Me To Disney", "Fairy Tale", "Forever Pretty"... Wonderful! Especially for "He Invited Me To Disney", using chords for accompaniment, with variations, the songs sounds very good...

Harmonisation was taught in class. The instructor encouraged us to apply them so that we don't need to buy sheets any more...

... After the 2nd lesson, I called my friend and asked her about her progress. We listened to each other's recital through the telephone and we both thought the other party played well...We could do perfomances...

The instructor was right. We need to enjoy our practice in order to motivate ourselves. It's a great plessure to play the piano without reading sheets...

In About A Week, I Can Already Play Several Songs

submitted by Vicky  UK resident

Because I live in UK, I couldn't join the seminars. So I bought 3 sets of downloadable seminars. In about a week, I can already play several songs. I have a strong sense of achievement. I never learned piano or music theory before, but I can master a lot after watching the lectures repeatedly (although I'm still yet to master completely).

I Can Now Play My Favorite Songs By Ear With Both Hands

submitted by 陳妙詩

I haven't played piano before and I couldn't read sheets. To play by ear, you only need to understand the principles and practice. I can now play my favorite songs by ear with both hands. I also found some songs to practice harmonisation. A newbies like me can play songs as difficult as grade 3 or 4's. I'm progressing faster than learners of traditional piano. Playing by ear is interesting. This motivates me to improve further.

Miraculously, I Could Play The Whole Song Within A Month

submitted by S Woo

I love piano but music notes are all Greek to me. My son introduced me the pianohk website and the youtube demos which aroused my interest in learning how to play piano. I attended 4 lessons only, started playing the songs though not very smoothly and kept practising it every one or two nights. The better I play, the happier I am. I tried not to be aggressive as what Derek had advised the class, just practised two sentences at a time and added on bit by bit.

Miraculously, I could play the whole song within a month. Self entertainment is my goal for this course. The course did help me and inspired me to learn by myself. A four-lesson course is rather short for a layman but it is an important key for self-learner to realize their dreams and achieve contentment. I understand that Rome was not built in a day. Therefore, I bought all the courses and started the journey on my own. Hope that some day I may enroll other courses to enhance my skills. Thank you.

Explained In Layman's Language

submitted by 朱橋

In my opinion, no matter you want to take piano exams or not, you want to be able to play any songs you like without sheets, don't you? Having taken Mr Chan's workshop, I've mastered some improvisation patterns and skills. The course explains the profound in simple language and easy to understand. It greatly inspired and helped me.

I'm Finally Convinced

submitted by Don Shonk  US resident

I must admit that I was extremely skeptical about your method when I first got the video course.

I'm finally convinced that your technique is an excellent way to learn to play piano by ear. Much better then any of the methods I've tried so far. I've been practicing the Raymond Lam song, which I never thought I'd even come close to learning to play, with amazing results.

I Couldn't Actually "activate" Music

submitted by Katherine Wong

Athough it's a 4-lesson short course, I have a new feeling towards piano. In the past, I only followed sheet music blindly and I couldn't actually "activate" music. I gradually lost interest.

After taking this workshop, I not only understands improvisation, but also gained confidence. Through aural training, I got back my long-lost aural skill. Together with harmonisation technique, I can play the songs I like. My parents and friends wondered why I can play by ear. Now I plan to join the skill group to strength my skills. Thanks Mr Chan!

All Musical Instruments Should Be Played By Ear

submitted by 馮文健

Music notes notate music; text notates language. Recital with sheets is like learning a foreign language from books. Playing by ear is like learning a foreign language freely without using books. Not depending on sheets is like speaking a mother language. Therefore, all musical instruments should be played by ear.

submitted by Fanny

I am an adult learner. It's so lucky to find "POPPIANO". I have no time to join the course or seminar either. That's why I bought seminar and group video courses.

You know, it's amazing and splendid! Following the course, even first time & first 30 minutes, you can achieve the skill to playing chord with melody. It is really clear and easy to understand even A STARTER!!!

I gained more from this video course than from my one-year tuition at a big piano company. If you are a shift worker or busy guy, try to find the magic in the video course, You must have a great improvement shortly. Thanks for reading my sharing here, bye.

It Brings Enormous Satisfaction

submitted by Maisy

Despite the short 4 lessons, I already can master the basic improvisation techniques. Playing my favorite songs freely brings enormous satisfaction. I'm also more confident in piano play now. Playing by ear is not out of reach.

Piano Playing Should Be Arbitrary

submitted by Kiki

I always think piano playing should be arbitrary.
I can't put in words my joy of being able to play by ear.
I'm really grateful to Mr Chan's guidance.
Unfortunately, I have to continue my studeies in Australia.
I hope I can rejoin when I get back at year end, and more people get to know about this course!

I Needed To Find Sheet Music Invariably

submitted by Dodo

Before I learned improvisation, I needed to find sheet music invariably. Some of them weren't available at all. After taking the course, having mastered play-by-ear principles, I can play any songs I like with harmonisation skills now.

No Need To Use Music Sheets Any More

submitted by Christine

After taking merely 4 lessons, I have stronger confidence in piano playing and more interest in accompaniment. Now I don't need sheets to play songs I like. I'm really happy and satisfied. Lastly, I'd like to thank Mr Chan and Stanley for their guidance.

I Don't Want To Find Sheets Any More

submitted by Edelweiss

Although I have attained grade 8, I couldn't play the piano without sheets. So I used to search for sheets...
After taking this course, having mastered improvisation with practice, I no longer need sheets to play the songs I've heard.
Finally, I'm really grateful to Mr Chan and fellow classmates for their guidance.

Out Of Curiosity At First

submitted by Grace Wong

I picked up improvisation out of curiosity at first. In the course, I enjoyed playing by ear, breaking away from the sheets' boundary. Harminisation also helps my learning music composition in the future.

No Rely On Other People Any More

submitted by Isabel Lai

I needed sheets to play the piano. I needed to find sheets online or ask somebody to write chords for me. After learning to harmonise in Workshop, I won't need to depend on others now!

I Missed My Classmates In The Last Lesson

submitted by Irene Tse

Workshop is interesting and practical. You can play your favorite songs by ear if you follow Mr Chan's guidance and practice hard.

We are not a sheet-translation machine. We have to be able to play any songs we like without sheets if we really master music.

Thanks Mr Chan for his guidance. I met a lot of new friends and I missed them in the last lesson. I'll keep on learning and improve my skills in skill group.

I'm In The UK So I Can't...

submitted by Sally Au Yeung  UK resident

I live in the UK and I couldn't come to seminars, etc. So I bought Seminar 1-5 DVDs. I found they're content-rich. I discovered I could play the piano with chord progressions easily. I can really play my favorite songs without sheets.

I wish Mr Chan can make more DVD course so that I can learn from overseas.

P.S. I only attained grade 2 and still can understand.

My Sister Asked: Who's Playing So Well

submitted by 周麗華

I was preparing for grade 7 exam. Practicing was too boring, so I attended the seminar held on March 4th. It was really amazing! After taking workshop, I think playing pop song is so much fun if you know the melody well and apply Mr Chan's accompaniment skills.

One day, while I was practicing "Ask Me" and "Pretty Forever", my sister and her husband just came back home. They said "Who's playing so well?". When they found it was me, he further said "Great skill!". I was bouncing with joy.

I'll keep on practicing improvisation. I wish I can reach a higher level. Thanks Mr Chan.

Surprised My Friend

submitted by 張家豪  Macau resident

I've taken several months of traditional piano lessons and also played some pop songs. They were really a bit difficult. Having learned to play by ear, playing pop songs really becomes eaiser. My friends are also surprised. I only had a few hours' sleep after work before taking a ferry to lessons (I live in Macau). It's been quite tiring. However, I think it's worthwile ultimately. May be because I only took only 4 lessons, I'm not making fast progress. But, I can play pop songs. Finally, the course really helps...

The Skills I'd Been Looking For

submitted by Yu Ming

I am very satisfied with this course. I learned the skills I'd been looking for. My piano skills have dramatically improved.

I Was Like A Sheet-reading Machine

submitted by Rony Chu

In the past, it's like being a sheet-reading machine to learn the piano, playing note by note. If I had no piano sheets, I couldn't play at all. I thought I forgot because I didn't have the sheet music. After taking the course, I mastered the harmonising principles. I can play the songs I know by ear using even less time than before. Furthermore, I can remember the tune for a long time. This course can absolutely help music lovers relly understand and enjoy music.

I Learned More Than I Had Expected

submitted by Vivian Au

The course:
i) comprises simple theory
ii) is practical and achievable
iii) can arouse/devlope one's protential in different aspects in music

This course brings out the real meaning of learning music. I admire people who can play the piano. I love to hear and sing than play. I learned more than I had expected from this course and it makes me admire myself more (if I suceeded).

I'm glad to know this course and thank you for promoting it.

Just Watched Two Lessons, I Already...

submitted by Crystal Chow

Thanks Mr Chan for producing the seminars with heart. After watching two seminar DVDs, I already can play

The Ways To Arrange The Music

submitted by Yannie Li

I found the workshop very useful. The workshop shows me the ways to arrange the music which i haven't learnt it through traditional music lessons. I learned piano for over 8 years but i only play it according to the notes only without any improvisation. Without reading to play music is rare. Only when I am familiar with the music piece or you put all the notes in my memory, then i can play a song without reading. However, it takes really a long time to do this. In this process, I always feel frustrated as it is too difficult to manage a long music piece by memory. However, playing popular music is a little bit different. As the music is quite melodic and it is easy to remember, if you know the chord arrangement skills, you can mostly play it with ease. Despite i will not improvise very good for the first time, after few times' attempt, I can mostly handle it. It gives you high satisfaction. I now can improvise the songs in C major and sometimes G or F major. I hope to continue to learn this improvisation skills and master such skills to all major and minor keys. Thank you for the speaker and tutor which taught me a lot in the talk which I found useful for all my life.

I Wanted My Kids To Realise My Dreams

submitted by Candy

I couldn't play the piano but I like piano music a lot. I didn't have the chance to learn piano when I was young. So I wanted my kids to realise my dreams. One day, when I noticed had a seminar on improvisation, I joined immediately. After practising for 1 hour at home, I already could play two songs. Now, reciting a pop song is not difficult at all. If you are still enthusiatic about playing the piano, I, Candy, sincerely recommend this course to you. Let's find the joy of playing the piano together!

Not Only Accompaniment, But Also With Many Variations

submitted by Crystal Yiu

After taking just a few lessons, not only can I play accompaniment, but also do it with many variations. These skills have increased my confidence in improvisation a lot.

Success Is Just Around The Corner!

submitted by Roy To

I admire Phoebus Chan's play-by-ear recitals at Harbour City. His skills are terrific. After taking this course, I discovered that success is just around the corner!
The course is concise and practical. Recitals by ear is not difficult for all of us after practice.

Just Gave It A Try

submitted by 郭兆康

Most people aren't familiar with improvisation. I just gave this course a try. Then, I found playing by ear is not that difficult. I've learned many practice skills in the course.

It Took Too Much Time To Practice

submitted by Cat Ng

Personally, I don't like reading sheets because it takes too much time to practice. So, I joined this course. Even though I've only attained grade 3, I can apply various skills to play my favorite songs now. Playing the piano is more enjoyable now!

I've Been Longing To Play By Ear

submitted by Ckam Tung

Even having attained grade 8, I couldn't play the piano without sheet music. I've been longing to play by ear. After mastering it, I can play my favorite songs at ease now.

Play Classical Music Like "Fur Elise" This Way

submitted by Peggy Leung

I had taken traditional piano lessons before I took this course. But I quit after grade 6 because the classical music became harder and harder to master. I had an unhappy experience about learning the piano. I had to practice one of Bach's pieces repeatedly before my piano teacher satisfied. It took me over 6 months before she was willing to teach me another song. Gradually, I lost confidence and interest. Later, I downloaded sheets from the web and gradually interested in playing pop songs. But the accompaniment patterns were boring.

After taking this course, I discovered that I can accompany my favourite songs. I don't need to wait for other people's sheets. Besies, I also discovered that I can play classical music like "Fur Elise" this way too. Play the piano is fun again!

submitted by Helena Lam

I have attained grade 8 piano, and have also taken part in many competitions and performances. I'm confident about my skills. However, I can't play a note with sheets. After taking this course, I really don't need sheets to play a song. Hurray!

My Friends Are Astonished!

submitted by Winnie Chu

I've already attained grade 5. However, I'm not interested in playing classical music. I've spent lots of money to buy sheet music but I feel bored having to follow them blindly. After learning to play by ear, I enjoy the freedom to play the piano the way I like. My friends are astonished!

I Just Tried Out Different Chords

submitted by Janet Lo

I haven't learned piano for a long time. The website on playing piano by ear really attacted me. So I decided to give it a try. In the past, In the past, I just tried out different chords without any knowledge about them. In the workshop, I gradually mastered harmonisation. Backed by theory, playing by ear is so enjoyable now!